We are young, creative team making projects for media and advertising. We combine our skill giving you a full production service in one place. We create your logo, branding, building the company's image, advertising in all available media, production materials for events and full video production.

We are experienced in servicing corporate clients. We understand their goals and budgets. We provide technical and creative support for media houses. We made a lot of succesfull campaigns for new business and we gladly support young entrepreneurs to improve their companys on fast-growing market.

We have a lot of equipemnt and technical software allows us adapt to the constantly changing trends and technologies. Thanks to many years of close cooperation of our team, we know how to quickly and efficiently implement your idea.




We create brand identity for companies, e vents and products. We give them graphical shape and layout. We make rebranding too.

  • • logo
  • • business cards
  • • letterhead
  • • signboard


Small and large print projects We offer print and project preparation for needs for many types of media. We create complete outdoor campaigns, event gadget design.

  • • flyers
  • • catalogs
  • • posters
  • • billboards
  • • large print formats


We make responsive, cross-platform websites. We create graphic design, user interfaces and user experience. We develop advanced portals as well.

  • • responsive websites
  • • landing pages
  • • e-commerce
  • • portals
  • • mailing

Internet ads

We make scripts, storyboards, publications and campaign monitoring. We specialize in desktop and mobile apps. We develop customized applications for different platforms.

  • • banners
  • • rich media
  • • graphic design for social media
  • • desktop applications
  • • mobile applications

Photo & Video

We deliver full photographic and video equipment, recording and post-production services.

  • • photoshoot session and postproduction
  • • video for product promotion
  • • video for events
  • • video for corporations
  • • music videos

Audio Records

We have our own studio for vocal and music recording. We produce and compose music. We do mixdown and mastering as well.

  • • music composing & production
  • • mixdown & mastering
  • • radio advertising
  • • sounding ads
  • • lector recording


We know each other and together we create for 15 years. Tomek join to us 3 years ago. We met on the first year of Action and Multimedia Technologies at University of Radom. Our paths separated for several years, when each of us chose a different artistic specialization. We met again in Warsaw, making a four-team, we have a professional designer, photographer, camera operator, wideo editor , 3d graphic designer, graphic artist, painter and sculptor. Tom joined us in 2013 as a programmer and a professional musician. Since that time, we are a team to the impossible challenges :)

  • Krzysztof Malinowski

  • Róża Wnuk

  • Daniel Zbroszczyk

  • Tomasz Wnuk

I came from Pojezierze Brodnickie. I moved to Warsaw 10 years ago, when i finish High School. Since that time, I’ creating graphic design, post-production, and production of video and 3D graphics. I graduate of Art Institute of Technical University of Radom at the Faculty of Operations and Multimedia Technologies. I worked as a freelancer for brands such as Toshiba, Suzuki, Intel, Philips, Brother, Panasonic, Sony, Fiat. I’m responsible for the creation and technology in DOT.Agency.
I graduate Technical University of Radom, Faculty of Teacher Education, Art Institute Department of Digital Media, At the Lodz Film School Photography, Specialization at Film and TV Picture Production & Photography. I tried my hand at many fields of creative activity and i always had a lot of power. This is what gives me motivation for different challenges. I worked as camera operator in studio and outdoor for TVP News. I also created graphic design and animations for television programs. I collaborated with Aurum Film creating storyboards to campaigns. I love to work with other people and sharing my knowledge. I worked as an art teacher in a primary school and work with children was a great workout creativity. I conducted training under the "The idea for a new profession" project for the Association of Local Government Initiatives. I worked as a lecturer in Lublin School of Art and Design, College of Fine Arts and i gave classes of documentary photography. Outside of work, I try to spend as much time with your family, travel and explore new places.
I’m dealing with design for 14 years. I graduate Graphic Design on Academy of Fine Art in Lodz, where i worked as assistant on silk screen studio. Then, for two years, I was making the composition of the books in cooperation with Lodz’s Akapit Press publishing, when i use to do graphic design project in the same time. I moved to Warsaw 3 years ago, where I spent the first year working with the Art Center Kartonovnia. I created full brand indetity with logo for them. When i produce video, I always try to combine my two passions - motion graphic and music. Besides my job i’m singing and playing guitar. I’m responsible for wide-meaning creation in DOT.Agency.
I’m an enthusiast all things related to graphic and sound design. I love to take challenges and learn new things. I try to improve my knowledge and skills in programming, graphic deisgn, music production and composing everyday. Acquisition of knowledge from different fields helps me to improve my imagination and helps me to be better what i do. I’m music producer, composer and DJ for 10 years, i often use my music knowledge on my job in DOT.Agency. I had several music projects and i’m still working on other projects. I love to travel, my favourite places are: London, Stockholm.

We had the great pleasure to realize creations for: